04 September, 2007

What is it Like?

For those of who have fortunately never had that question answered, here is Josie's story of the day J.R. was wounded:

Why wont this thing stop ringing? Goodness, shouldn't voicemail have picked it up by now? Maybe I should pick it up. Josie... pick up the phone. HEY... HEY DINGLEHEAD... PICK UP YOUR PHONE!!!


"Hi, is this Josie Salzman?"

"Josie, this is 1SG..."

F***. F***, f***, f***. This is not good. Don't say it. Don't say anything else. Just tell me hi and have a normal conversation with me.... please.

"...SPC Salzman is ok, but there's been an accident."

He's ok.

"His truck hit an IED."


"He's lost his right hand."

Wait.. what? What did he just say?? Moments pass. SAY SOMETHING!!!

As I've said before, the soldier isn't the only one who gets wounded...