11 October, 2007

MEGEN on the Move

Where's MEGEN, you ask? MEGEN has been busy, spreading the word about Valour-IT on the West Coast.

Recently, she welcomed home guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Princeton.

Princeton served in the U.S.S. Vinson carrier group during the opening days of Operation Enduring Freedom, but her most significant combat action came a decade earlier in Operation Desert Storm (1991).

U.S.S. Princeton hit a Manta mine in 16 meters of water. A sympathetic actuation of another mine about 350 yards from USS PRINCETON occurred about three seconds later. These mine blasts caused substantial damage to USS PRINCETON, including a cracked superstructure, severe deck buckling, and a damaged propeller shaft and rudder.

On her most recent deployment she served in the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group as "Air Defense Commander," providing close air defense, air-space awareness and search and rescue capability for Nimitz.