07 October, 2007

Recovery of a Soldier-athlete

Wanted to but this up a week ago, but, well... you know how this week has been...

Sam Eifling of ESPN Outdoors has written an excellent profile of J.R. Salzman.

Most of us know J.R. as a wounded soldier. Some of us also know the barest outline of his athletic history--something about being a lumberjack and winning a number of awards in "Outdoor Sports." But in sympathetic writing and powerful pictures, Eifling lays out the history and traces J.R.'s progress from professional athlete to soldier, to wounded veteran reclaiming an athletic life.

The extensive collection of personal and ESPN photographs linked with the story speak volumes, a story in themselves... be sure to read the captions.

This is a must-read, must-see.

Note: the ESPN server seems to be hiccuping a lot today. If a picture fails to load, a right-click refresh/reload seems to do the trick.

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