08 October, 2007

Valour-IT Fundraising Announcement

NOTE: Fundraiser competition dates published below were incorrect.

We are in the early planning stages of the 2007 Project Valour-IT Veterans Day Fundraiser. Begun in 2005, this has become a yearly event in support of Valour-IT, a Soldiers' Angels project that helps supply voice-controlled laptops to severely-wounded troops. Here are the outlines for this year:

Duration: Monday, October 28 29 through Veterans’ Day, November 13 11

Method: Bloggers team up by service branch, have friendly competition to reach the fundraising goal first, and spread the word offline through community contacts, etc.

Goal: $240,000 (total of $5,000 more than last year's event)

Planning sites:
Valour-IT project blog and a new bulletin board (thanks, Xformed!)

How you can help:

    Be a Team Leader for Air Force [Mrs. G has stepped up!]

    Design a Flier (using the SA logo and the smiling laptop on the right, text supplied; email me)

    Find items to auction—check with authors, stars, etc., or offer your own service or product. Items can be mil-related or of general interest.

    Plan people/businesses/organizations to contact. For example: community clubs, professional organizations, veterans' groups, pro-military businesses, churches, etc.

    Check for employer matching donations (or prep for a corporate donation during the fundraiser)

    Give a heads up to your press/political connections by offering links to Valour-IT sites and telling them about Valour-IT's history

    Share your ideas on the bulletin board, or in comments below
IMPORTANT NOTE: Valour-IT is an IRS-certified non-profit (donations are tax-deductible) and is non-political. Regardless of ideas about how/why war is being waged, the fact is that people are wounded and need our help. Valour-IT is about supplying that help, not about endorsing or opposing the reasons why it's needed.

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