01 November, 2007

Bucks and Bangs

I want to thank everyone involved in the program that provides Soldiers with laptops; Soldier's Angels brought me one, and i can't begin to tell how much it has changed my stay at WRAMC [Walter Reed Army Medical Center]; i am able to correpond with my Soldiers, and my family. My Soldiers are still down range in Iraq. they are coming home soon, and i look forward to being back at my post to receive them. again, thanks you so much. - Quick 6

That was written by a wounded warfighter (by his "handle," a leader of other warfighters) who received a laptop from Valour-IT, as quoted in a post by Laughing Wolf.

There are lot of words I could put out there to try to explain to all of you why Valour-IT matters so much, to try to bring to your life the extraordinary impact it can have on recipients. But if one who experienced it firsthand lacks the words, how could I find the right ones from my safe distance... from where I do not know the pain of wounds, the agony of rehabilitation, and the anxiety of separation from those bonded tighter than anything I can know?

There are many things calling for our hearts and our cash today, many deserving causes. The question for those of us with limited funds is always, "Which one is more needed or deserving, which one gives the most bang for my buck?"

I humbly ofer the following:

Valour-IT offers life-enhancing, rehabilitation-supporting, confidence-recovering laptops to those who have literally laid life and limb on the line for us softies here at home.

That's a lot of bang (the good kind), and the bucks add up. Please donate here.