02 November, 2007

Valour-IT Auctions

Auctions for the Valour-IT fundraiser are heating up. Here's the list of items as of this morning (more are on the way):

Team Air Force is taking the lead here, with a Chris Muir original, a John Cox caricature, three autographed books by Richard S. Lowry, a very special book not yet available to the public--Small Unit Actions, several items of Thunderbird memorabilia. They also have a Perfect Pushups workout kit and a prize-winning baby blanket.

Team Marine Corps is offering an out-of-print book about the B-17.

Team Navy-USCG has a high-quality, rare model of an F/A-18C aircraft.

Team Army offers a Napoleon Bonaparte letter opener.

And there is one very special item that I want to highlight: an extraordinary quilt [click to enlarge].

This quilt was designed and sewn by a former member of the Air Force, now a National Guard spouse. Echoing a missing man formation (the "missing" member is actually quilted in a ghostly gray), it is entitled "Gone But Not Forgotten."

She writes:

Gone, But Not Forgotten is a 54"x59" wall hanging/lap quilt. I have had several requests to script the title on the quilt as shown along with names of a few fallen members and will honor this request for the winner if they so choose. Although not strictly a missing man formation, it is meant to show the missing are not forgotten and although the quilting is not easy to see in the picture, there is a Bald Eagle quilted in the missing spot along with contrails from all the Bald Eagles.

You can bid on this beautiful quilt here.

And if you have an item of your own you'd like to put up for auction to benefit Valour-IT, you can click here and sign up.