02 November, 2007

Where's MEGEN?

UPDATE (4 NOV): More pics.

We have a winner--Capo del Fuoco! The picture below was taken at the Midway Museum in the Flag Tactical Communications Center, an area of the ship that has been recently opened to the public. For a bit about another (more modern) TFCC, check this. And if you found that one a slight disappointment, just wait... sometime next week...

She's been very busy, advertising Valour-IT--Voice-Activated Latops for OUR Injured Troops. Here's a teaser...

Any detailed guesses? Those who have been in that actual room are exempted from answering, of course. Those who are familiar with MEGEN's current general location are encouraged to base their answer on the contents/displays of the room, instead... for the edification of others. ;)

P.S. Am I the only one thinking Star Trek here?

And while you're thinking about laptops and military equipment, how about helping a wounded soldier get a voice-controlled or otherwise adaptive laptop?