17 January, 2008

Grodner and the Marine: An Update

UPDATE: There was some discussion of Karma in my first post on this subject. Yup, she's still a *****. From Mike the Marine, via a commenter at Blackfive:

Though he might not be in the courtroom, [Sgt] McNulty might derive some comfort from the fact that the presiding judge is a former Marine. Circuit Court Judge William O’Malley was a lance corporal in the early 1960s and is known around the Chicago Courthouse for wearing a Marine Corps pin on his lapel and celebrating the Corps’ birthday each November.

The rest is at Marine Corps Times. Just too delicious...


Chicago lawyer Jay Grodner is due in court again tomorrow. Meanwhile, his alleged victim will be busy in final training at Camp Pendleton before deploying to Iraq.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass has been the biggest non-blog voice on this, and he has an update that includes some notable tidbits. In digging up info on Grodner the first time around, a number of bloggers found information suggesting he showed a pattern of questionable behavior, and Kass' sources say the pattern continues:
...sources told me Thursday that the state agency that researches complaints against lawyers has opened another investigation of Grodner...

[And] Grodner is now under investigation by the state's Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, sources said. Commission officials declined to comment Thursday.

Blackfive points out that just about anything could happen tomorrow, but among the possibilities is that the charges will officially be kicked up from misdemeanor to felony. As I understand it, a felony conviction usually results in the loss of the convicted's law license.