17 January, 2008

Note to My Male Friends

It occurs to me (a day late), that some of what I wrote here could be misunderstood. Please consider it all in the following context:

1. I was speaking of the disturbing discovery of my rather negative opinion of single men of a certain age
2. Beyond identifying the few unmarried good men out there, there is the question of "sparks." (put two and two together--single and sparks--and the pool is even smaller).
3. I have never stopped loving men in general. I love how they're different than us women. I love the times/ways in which we manage to bridge the divide, and the wonderful ways in which a good man and woman complement each other in love and marriage. It's just that the posts/comments at Blonde Sagacity made me realize that perhaps I'd been focusing on our differences to the point of stereotype or even bigotry, and that perhaps I had been starting to buy into some of the anti-man rhetoric out there.

And most importantly, I say to my dear male friends: The stupid and ignorant things I may have voiced in generalities certainly do not apply to you, as I do not call people I look down on my friends.

What can I say? I'm still learning...