03 January, 2008

My Job

Well, not yet... ;)

Just found it this morning; it's somewhat similar to the job I nearly got this last summer until it was decided they really wanted an Admin Asst instead (different org). It's entry-level, and I am so perfectly qualified and positioned for this job it's not funny...

Position Announcement—Legislative Administrative Assistant (Government Relations)

[A Military Personnel/Family Advocacy Organization] is currently accepting applications for the paid position of Legislative Administrative Assistant in the Government Relations Department.

The responsibilities of the position include providing assistance to the Department in the following activities:

  • Facilitating flow of information and correspondence into Department
  • Scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements for Department staff
  • Finalizing reports, testimony, fact sheets, and Department correspondence
  • Maintaining Department’s mailing list and database
  • Helping to respond in information queries via phone and email
Qualifications include a familiarity with the Association’s mission and goals, legislative interest, experience with database development and maintenance, oral and written communication skills, and computer research and communication skills.

Persons interested in this position should fax a resume.

Hmmm.... I got nothing to do today. Maybe I'll polish my resume... :D