19 February, 2008

History and Noise

Greyhawk has returned from his long sabbatical following his recent deployment. And he returns with a bang--a song that I'm sure will soon be "going places:"

Greyhawk cautions that it's incomplete, but the pictures and music tell the story:

But this is still a rough draft - a basic and incomplete cut. Each part was recorded in one take, (including the lead solo which was improvised on the spot) and the result is something that exists only because I wanted to turn an idea into a reality that I could build on. (On the other hand, my time is such that this may be all it ever is...)

FWIW: I first used the phrase "They're making noise, we're making history" a few years ago as a comment to a fellow milblogger who was taking a tremendous amount of crap in his comments section on one of his posts from Iraq. It was my way of saying "don't worry about these REMFs - it's a hell of a lot easier to write from the comfort of their living rooms than it is in a tent. One of your words is worth about a thousand of theirs."

He posts his words on Mudville Gazette:

The Free and the Brave

Over in America, home of the free
Land of unlimited opportunity
People in the streets protest whatever they can
While over in Iraq and Afghanistan

The brave, far from home, are standing tall
and toeing the line, so they can have it all
Some try to complicate it but it's simple to me
They're making noise, we're making history

Click and read/hear it all.