08 August, 2008

Milblogs and Baby Showers

Update: Blackfive emails that he just found out it's expected to be a girl and the latest doctor's visit went very well.

Last year in a happy coincidence, a severely wounded Marine the milblogs had been following became a new father at about the same time as the conference, resulting in MOABS.

This year, we have the chance to do it again.

Carla reminds me that we have the opportunity to throw a baby shower for another deserving couple this year. If you don't know the story of Jayme and Joey Bozik, you should study up. Jayme is due Christmas Eve. We'll continue the tradition this year with Baby Bozik as our inspiration.

Gifts were easily transportable last year as Bethesda was just up the road from the MilBlog Conference, but the logistics this year are a bit tricky, so we're asking that you purchase gift cards, which can easily be mailed to the Boziks, and they can use them for whatever they need. There will be a basket at the 2008 MilBlog Conference for you to leave your gift cards, and a [greeting] card that everyone can sign. Feel free to bring a [greeting] card of your own, too.

Those of you who will not be attending have several options to participate. You can have a friend who IS attending bring along a greeting card and gift card so that you can be a part of the Milblogs Baby Shower, or you can use the Bozik's gift registries at the following stores to send a gift directly to them (you should probably stick to these stores for gift cards, too).

For Registries:

Babies R Us
Simple Wonders
Baby Supermall

So... let's get shopping!