24 September, 2008

And people say I'm not an airhead...

But the real question is, why didn't any of my "friends" correct me???

I just finished listening to the Bloggers Roundtables from the Milblog Conference. I'll admit to the vanity: I was interested in hearing what I had sounded like when I asked Secretary Geren a question. I remembered saying oh-so-politely, "Mr. Secretary..."

Strangely, I couldn't find my question on the podcast. I listened to the entire thing, but my question wasn't there. Weird... I began to develop a very sick feeling inside.

Sure enough. I pulled up the second podcast, and there I was: I'd been talking to Major General Bergner. Until 15 minutes ago, I would've sworn on a stack of Bibles I had spoken to Secretary Geren. And yes, I'd definitely addressed a major general as "Mr. Secretary." No wonder Jack Holt had looked at me so oddly...

I think I'll go dig a hole now, and hide in it. And here I was looking forward to the next Blogger's Roundtable, intent on making time for them after having been MIA in recent months...

But again, not a single person has said a word about this to me, nobody corrected me at the time. Why didn't anybody tell me?!!!!!


UPDATE: Boy did I play to Stupid Civilian type, or what? Major General... Secretary... Secretary General? If the UN has one, the Army probably does too, right? As if I didn't know the difference... I honestly thought I was talking to Geren. *looking for a wall to beat my head against*