24 September, 2008

Good Folks

There are a lot of great pictures from the Blog World Expo 2008 Milblog Conference out there, but I think this one from Friday night is my favorite:

Greyhawk's headline?
"How to Make a Blackfive Sandwich." [l-r: Greyhawk, Matt, and John Donovan]

Yup, attendees at the conference were a barrel of laughs--smart, good-natured, and lots of fun... Which reminded me of something: there was more than enough intoxicating beverages (and intoxication) to go around last weekend. Enough so that teetotalers like me could get tipsy just off the fumes. But you know what the great part was? Everyone that I encountered knew their limits (and whether or not they could be safely crossed)--I did not meet a single drinker who wasn't at least perfectly affable, if not absolutely hilarious in their wit and personality. People got drunk, but nobody groped anybody without permission, no one said anything horrendous or cruel, nobody got arrested.

The "worst" thing I dealt with all weekend was being propositioned by a lovable scoundrel who had the (unrealized) hope of shocking me with his joke. I was highly amused and dished right back, "You have a death wish, don't you," though I was quickly assured by a fellow milblogger, "He's not a total a$$hole and reprobate, just halfway; the other half of him is actually a nice guy." Only half? And that's supposed to recommend him to me? Laughter all around, of course.

They say drinking releases inhibitions and shows people for who they really are. I'd say these are good people, and I was lucky to hang out with them for the weekend.

I miss you guys!