21 November, 2008

Food for Thought

Someone has to be number one. It might as well be you.
For years I knew that only as a flippant/taunting comment; I'd never heard it delivered any other way until 2005. But I learned that when spoken by a hard-charging, focused and competitive type, it loses the flippancy and takes on a spirit of honest matter-of-factness.

Interesting. So many applications to both internal and external matters of life...

I guess I'd forgotten I had ever heard it as a serious statement. But I was reminded today, and it's rolling around in my head again.

I recently had a conversation with an interesting man who challenged me to walk into a bar like I owned the place, said I had it in me to do so. I was too polite to laugh, because he was absolutely serious.

Different application/manifestation, but I suspect it's all part of the same fundamental perspective...

Food for thought.