21 June, 2009

A Brief Letter to the New York Times and Friends

You short-sighted, self-focused, nauseating hypocrites! And believe me, that was the nice version of what I wanted to write!

If you want to think so highly of yourselves that you believe you are called to "tell the truth" regardless of the consequences, I can believe you to be simply misguided zealots. But you have now proven that belief misplaced. I am reminded of day after day of headlining news stories that endangered Americans...

"Flushing the Koran," which turned out to be false
Abu Ghraib photos trumpeted after the story was already out
Details about body armor vulnerabilities--with diagrams!
Haditha "massacre" trumped up on the flimsiest of evidence
Bush lied (there's a difference between being wrong and lying!)
Closeups of and other details of how American soldiers died
And on and on...

...as well as every single anti-military, morale-killing story that does nothing more than demoralize the US and make the terrorists think they have a chance of winning, which encourages them to keep fighting and killing Americans.

I was about to ask how you all sleep at night, but it's obviously you sleep quite well wrapped in your warm of blanket of provincial self-righteousness. For all your world citizenship, you obviously can't see beyond the ends of your own noses.

Update: Powerline points out the national security secrets the NYT intentionally spilled, endangering all Americans (IIRC, in at least one case President Bush literally begged the NYT not to publish the story).