06 September, 2009

Sunday Funnies*

Yes, the title is shamelessly stolen from CDR Salamander. Hey, it's a good one!

Somewhere in my surfing yesterday, stumbled into the vast store of funny videos created by America's military service members. Some of it is downright dangerous--warning: don't search some various of "bored soldier" on YouTube. You'll come up with some funny but very "scary" stuff.

Here's what happens when soldiers get bored while their leaders are meeting with the locals. According to the poster, no one ever knew they were being "shadowed."

This one is interesting on its own, but the title is the kicker. When I was the age of the youngest of those in this video, guys like that were just annoying. Now let's just say I've changed my mind... As often happens at the USO, when I watch this video I am reminded of playful, rambunctious, enthusiastic puppies. And how can you not love puppies?:

What do you say about guys who, especially when they're bored, think it's fun to find out how/if they can hurt each other in creative and unusual ways? There's something programmed into the male mind to do this kind of stupid thing. I don't understand it in the least, but I also know that there's a flip side to that very characteristic it that enables them do the great things they do that require creativity, courage and tenacity. I'm also reminded that a bored young man is one of the world's most dangerous creatures. Often to himself (language alert):

And just in case you thought mechanized infantry types were all masculine tough guys... (His buddy's expressions are just priceless. How scary is it that he knows all the words?).

Finally, I stumbled across this gold-standard of modern aircraft carrier squadron videos again, for the first time since I was overnight on a carrier. It's an awesome video on it's own, but it's so cool to look at it now and have that flash of familiarity--"Oh! I understand where that scene was shot, now!" I can't stop grinning while I watch.

Anyway, enjoy: