09 September, 2009

Another One

Is it possible to be a mentally-healthy female AND a misogynist?

Between this and this and this, and now this, I could easily end up hating most of my sex. At the very least, if this is a true representation of a majority of women these days, I certainly better-understand the attitudes of some of the men I encounter...

From relieving boredom, to keeping the peace or curing a headache, women have sex for many reasons but romance and passion come rather low on the list, a new book has revealed. [snip]

"Research has shown most men find most women at least somewhat sexually attractive, whereas most women do not find most men sexually attractive at all," Why Women Have Sex authors Cindy Meston and David Buss said.


...84 per cent admitting to having sex just to ensure a quiet life or to bargain for household chores. One woman said: "I have sex to relieve the boredom because it's easier than fighting. Plus it gives me something to do."

I'm struck with a mixture of pity and horror... and gratitude that I'm apparently wired differently than those 84 percent. I'm sure every relationship has its rough spots, but that last quote in particular speaks to a kind of emotional torpor and lifeless relationships that are utterly tragic for those involved. If this study really is a window into the majority of male-female "romantic" or spousal relationships, I'm surprised the suicide rate isn't higher. Seriously, how do people maintain their self-worth in that kind of relationship?