13 August, 2005

How to Help

So you want to help? Here you go...

How to Help Project Valour-IT:

  • Donate here (ask if your employer provides matching funds)
  • Send the project homepage link to friends and family
  • Blog about it, and ask your fellow bloggers to do the same
  • Join the Fusileers
  • Contact your local TV, newspapers, and radio stations with information about Valour-IT (watch here for recent press releases, etc. Get tips here.)
  • Organize a church, school or youth group fundraiser
  • Ask if you can put up a flyer at your work, place of worship, and club or community organization (or give a presentation, if that's your skill--email for materials)
  • PLEASE contact FbL or John if you want to approach a major media outlet/figure or a large company, so that we don't overwhelm anyone.

Note: This list will be updated continuously as opportunities develop.

(After today, most of the day-to-day information relating to Project Valour-IT will be posted on the project blog. I will post updates about the project here at Fuzzilicious Thinking every few days, or if there is particularly exciting news. The links to the project website and the project blog will remain in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar.)