25 April, 2007

Blog + Beg = Bleg

Skip this if you hate whining or begging (I hate both).

Bad News One: Working closely with children in a "new" environment means that for the third time in 2.5 months I'm too sick to work. Bad News Two: I'm not eligible for sick leave/benefits until May, so I've now missed two consecutive days of income.

Put that together with the MilBlog Conference, and all the money two very generous people gave me awhile back to help cover miscellaneous conference costs (haircut, meals, tips, Metro ticket, etc) long ago flew out the window in health-related costs.

So, if you find this blog informative, thought provoking or just plain enjoyable, please consider dropping a little something in the tip jar; it'll be appreciated more than you can know (tip jar contributions are anonymous). Thanks.

UPDATE: I dragged my sorry carcass into work today because I knew they were understaffed; I don't think I'm gonna make it through the day chasing toddlers. However, although I didn't need a note last time I was sick, I now need a note from the doctor if I have to leave early today--though my coworkers say I look like I'm about to pass out. Guess what? I'd have to take off from work tomorrow in order to do get the note (another unpaid day), plus pay the full doctor's fee (no health insurance), when I know I just have a virus that the doctor can't help me with. So yeah, if you're feeling generous... it would mean alot...

--Signing off to go lay on the floor until my lunch is over