24 April, 2007

Code Pink Calls US Soldiers Terrorists

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Gael Murphy is head of the DC office of anti-war organization Code Pink, which has held a "vigil" outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in "support" of wounded troops for about two years. It started out as an anti-war and anti-military protest, but morphed into a "supportive vigil" after they received negative media coverage.

In response to the protest, members of Free Republic (and others supporting the troops) have long been counter-protesting Code Pink with positive and patriotic slogans and signs. It's become quite an event every Friday at Walter Reed, with many of the wounded reporting they look forward to looking out the window and seeing the signs of love and support from Free Republic and friends. Eventually Code Pink lost their permit for the main gate and must now hold their "vigil" down the street, but the counter-protesters maintain their position on all four corners at the main gate.

In the clip below, Murphy demonstrates that Code Pink has not changed their stripes from their earliest days of protest at Walter Reed, despite their claims to be supporting the troops. It was filmed last Friday night in front of Walter Reed (the relevant comment is about three minutes into the video):

[H/T Mudville Gazette for the video]