22 December, 2005

Meeting the Chief

Well, I think we met. There are no pictures for proof, so I can’t be sure...

Now since Bill thoroughly embarrassed me inthe comments, I’m going try to reciprocate as much as possible. *grin*

As John said, I was nearly stood up and left to fend for myself in the Big City, and it was all Bill’s fault [I won’t mention my subway ride and walking around the historic district all by myself, ‘cause that might show I’m not so helpless and thus get him off the hook]. When I didn’t see Bill at the platform exit I expected, I figured I must have pulled my space cadet routine and missed seeing him. I had been unable to reach Bill by phone all day, so when the Amtrak agent said he wasn’t on the train he’d said that he would arrive on, I began to worry. One of the worst things running through my head was the thought that he’d gotten in an accident on the way to the train station, and so it would be all my fault!!!

I soon had Sgt. B, John, and AFSis trying to track him down, but to no avail. After sitting in the station for nearly 2 hours and straining my eyes for any hint of him, every white-haired gentleman started to look like Bill, and I’d given up on meeting him. Suddenly the phone rang and I picked it up, hoping it was somebody with some news. It was Bill! He was in the station, calling from a pay phone, and suggested we meet at the big Christmas tree. He didn’t know what I looked like, but apparently he’d been doing some reconnaissance while he called me, ‘cause almost as soon as I had stood up and gathered my stuff, somebody rudely came up behind me in a sneak attack and bumped into me. A voice of impish laughter said quietly in my ear, “Headed to the Christmas tree?” I whirled around and almost stuck my nose in Bill’s armpit. Fortunately he’d bathed in the last week, or else my nose was still too stuffed up to notice that he hadn’t.

Due to his Seventh Circle of Hell experiences in trying to get to Philadelphia, we had only about 40 minutes before my train left, so we simply sat on a bench in the train station and tried to cram as much communication into those 40 minutes as possible (Yes, I did most of the talking, ha!). Lunch/Dinner was Bill’s treat, consisting of a shared dark-chocolate Mounds candy bar. I think he gave it to me just ‘cause he wanted to watch me lick all the chocolate off my fingers. And by the way Bill, there was just too much coconut; it's gotta be more chocolatey than that if you want to get anywhere. *grin* Unfortunately, there were no napkins available for shredding, so I had to settle for maving waving my water bottle around to keep Bill at a proper distance.

Seriously, he is as gentle, kind and funny offline as he is online. He is also very charming. And he cut quite a dashing figure in his green brown Indiana Jones Special fedora; it went well with his beautiful blue eyes. ;) In fact, he reminded me of my grandfather [Thought you'd appreciate the compliment, Bill *evil grin*].

I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but I know I enjoyed myself. Maybe next time I’ll let him get a word in edgewise.

Forty minutes was definitely not enough.


Oh, and Bill? I don't talk fast. You just listen slow.