11 February, 2006


Update 2/14/06: I'm sorry I didn't offer any more explanation, but I was in no condition to illuminate any of it in a way I was comfortable with. I still don't know what to say other than that the weight of my own little bag of burdens has finally overtaken me. I'll be all right. It's just really hard right now.

But I'm quite sure that I will return to blogging here at some point. It was almost ironic that the day after I posted this notice, Mrs. Greyhawk selected (as she often has) one of my posts for Dawn Patrol. Due to that link, I've gotten four emails offering to help the soldier I mentioned. It was like a smack upside the head for me; I knew then I couldn't just pull the plug, because although I have a very "modest" readership, my various contacts have regularly lent me the power of their amplification to reach people. And so while I'll never change the world, I have the passion and the contacts to change at least a couple people's worlds. If I stop blogging here, I'll also stop being able to do that. And somehow that seems terribly selfish of me.

Thank you you all for your support and concern. Everyone has said the kindest things in comments after my original post, but Mike's comment blew my mind:

Been visiting only a short while after learning about your site (you posted at mine, about the WashPost story on milbloggers), but have enjoyed it. You were my "first" among the milbloggers and helped open my eyes more to learn about those in the military, and those who support it.
Isn't that we dream of doing through our blogs: sharing our ideas and information in ways that expand others' understanding and perspectives? I subsequently saw a comment by Mike at Blackfive today. It blew me away that I had been his introduction to the milblog world, that my itty bitty blog had led him to the world of Blackfive and other big bloggers whose goals I share, but who have thousands of times the impact I do.

So, I will be back at some point, but I will not be doing a lot of the kind of personal and fluffy posts I've done recently. I will simply be continuing to raise my voice to draw attention to the needs of our beloved veterans, and to inform and inspire in some small way those who may pass through my virtual home.

Thanks for reading. I'll be back relatively soon, I think.


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To all:

I'm taking a break. I may or may not be back someday...

I'll be lurking in my regular haunts, but probably not commenting much.

To those who know:

I'll always love you for caring. You know where to find me.