09 February, 2006

A Soldier in Need

A very special Soldier has recently come to my attention. He was wounded quite awhile ago and is well down his path of recovery, but has been rather isolated due to his injuries and living situation. He will soon be receiving a Valour-IT laptop, but he needs more than that.

Here is a report from someone who has spoken to him:

He was shot 6 times, including 3 in the right shoulder and one in the head. He is now finishing his recovery at home but is lonely and feels forgotten. He loves to read email, talk on the phone, and is very, very, very nice. He's 29 and single. He could very much use extra TLC with letters, emails, carepackages of support...just nice little small things to show we care and support him, and a visitor would be really nice. He lives in a small town [in Ohio] with few (no) people to talk to so support would be very treasured.
If you would like to help support and encourage this lonely soldier and show him how much we appreciate his service and sacrifice, please email me. I have his contact info, and will get his email address when he receives his laptop.

As usual, I can't give his info to just anybody, but if you are interested in supporting him, contact me and we'll work something out.