27 April, 2006

Fran O'Brien's: Continue the Mission

We're down to three more days in which to save Fran O'Brien's and the extraordinary community it comprises.

Andi has an update
, with a hint of something very good that may be in the works. In the meantime, we cannot let up. Continue to contact Hilton and explain to them why this is such a bad business decision for the entire corporation, and why it behooves them to at least extend Fran's lease long enough for the restaurant to relocate. Tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues about what Hilton is doing and if they choose to contact the corporation and politely explain their position, make sure they follow through ASAP. The extent to which Hilton at the local and international level is willing to remedy this situation is directly proportional to how much pessure they are feeling.

I firmly believe that if Hilton "ate it" and apologized for not clearly understanding the ramifictions of their decision, allowed Fran's a month-by-month extension for 3-6 months, and politely asked customers to reconsider their boycott, this would all go away. A few die-hards would hold out, but this PR mess would go away. Failing a response like that, this will grow like a cancer. It's full impact may not be immediately obvious, but it will slowly eat at their bottom line; word will continue to spread. Anybody who cares about wounded troops (regardless of politics), but considers staying at a Hilton-affiliated property, will feel like they are being disloyal to the troops.

Andi made an perceptive point along these lines. In linking to a description of the SSG's speech, she wrote, "I'm not sure that the image of a wounded OIF Veteran begging people to boycott Hilton Hotels is the image that the hotel chain wants to be seared into the minds of potential customers..." No kidding. Remind them of that.

For ideas and contact info: here, here, and here.

[Background on the Fran O'Brien's story here.]