27 April, 2006

The Fran O'Brien's Story Goes International

The Times of London has picked up the Fran O'Brien's story. Elaine Monaghan first wrote about it last week, illuminating more of the conflict between Fran's and Hilton:

The way Koster tells it, the trouble with the Hilton began in mid-February when he and his co-owner pointed out to their landlord that the media were paying attention to them now, so they had better install the elevator they'd been promising for nine years or continue to be in violation of access laws.

Two days later, he says, their rent was doubled. Soon after, they received a demand for payment. In short order, they were sent an eviction notice that gave them until the end of this month to get out.

The cost of the elevator may be the issue - it was more than their entire annual rent, he added.

"They keep saying 'It's not in the budget this year,'" Koster said. "We said now you can't put it off. The soldiers deserve to be treated better."
Monaghan was also at Fran's last Friday night, and her latest installment in the story was published this morning.

[Background on the Fran O'Brien's story here.]