28 April, 2006

Fran O'Brien's Moves Closer to the Edge

I've struggled all morning with something to say about the impending loss of Fran O'Brien's, but I keep coming up short. I have no new news at the moment, and can't put into words both the sorrow I feel and the reasons why.

Yes, people make the place. But it's so much more than that. As Lawrence Kelly said, "It all came together at Fran's." I'm the last person to ascribe things like a "spirit" to an inanimate object. But I felt for myself last Friday that Fran's has an amazing positive energy about it. Until Fran O'Brien's can get situated in a new location, the community that has developed around it will be running on only half-power, if at all.

Tonight may be the end of an era... and it shouldn't have to be.

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