31 October, 2006

Support Valour-IT? He Gets It

In surfing the fundraising competition links and trackbacks this morning, I found a very interesting site. The blogger writes on his introduction page:

This website is mainly about self discovery and exploration of self. [...] But even more so, this site is an opportunity for myself and others to explore and apply the Elias teachings on a personal level and implement in daily life what Elias calls the shift in consciousness.

My idea is to exchange personal experiences, musing, observations, deductions, ramblings about this idea-complex with others of like intent and in that process discover more about self.

Well. I'm guessing this guy isn't much into military issues. Yup. But that doesn't mean he's not interested in Valour-IT. Check this out:

I'm normally not interested in military issues and for what it is worth, I'd be more a peace activist than a soldier, although in fact I'm neither.

But when I read about Project Valour-It, which tries to give speech enabled computers to veterans with hand and arm injuries, I immediately wanted to lend some energy in form of money and blog attention, because I see it a project that is first and foremost for people and not the military and a fine example of humanity and brotherhood.

I think that has to be one of the best endorsements of Valour-IT I've read in a long time. A great reminder that this is not a partisan matter, but simply a matter of humanity and human connectedness.