26 July, 2007

Scott Thomas and John Kerry?

UPDATE: Looking at these pics, I'm thinking I'm glad I'm not Beauchamp.

He's been identified, and it turns out Mr. Barnes was nearly 100% correct. Unlike Barnes' theory, "Scott Thomas" is apparently currently deployed and not actually in an MFA program. But the attitude, overly-inflated sense of self, victimhood, and grandiose dreams Barnes describes as hallmarks of the type who write in that style are on full display in "Scott Thomas."

On a fascinating tangent, a Vietnam Veteran and friend of mine sent the following via email in response to my post about Scott Thomas and semiotics:

...Haloscan keeps eating my comments. I wanted to see [Barnes] analyze JF Kerry's RVN memoir to see if he found all nine symptoms (I could only recall examples of seven).

I doubt Barnes will do that, but I suspect it would be worth reading.

Bravo to Mr. Barnes for a superb deconstruction.