07 September, 2007

The "Bush Report"

Used to be called the Petraeus Report, until a couple weeks ago, of course.

The Democrats are forcefully pushing the idea that it is the "Bush Report," going so far as to correct reporters when they refer to it as the Petraeus Report.

Obviously, they prefer the Bush moniker. Question is... why? Logic really leaves us with only one answer: in today's political climate, one of the best ways for a congress member to discredit something is associate it with President Bush (who has a 30-something approval rating; the only government entity lower is Congress itself), rather than the widely-respected American military (with a 70-something approval rating).

Which leads to the logical question: why do they want to discredit it? If they were expecting a negative report, I suppose you could argue that they are concerned that a dismal assessment of American effectiveness in the middle of a war would be too encouraging to its enemies.


Umm.... yeah. Right.

Okay, let's get serious. Only other possibility is that they're expecting a positive report, vindicating President Bush for approving the "surge" strategy.

Just let the implications of that sink in... The people trying to discredit the upcoming report on the progress of the war (and the surge) would rather Americans think anything good about America's fight against her enemies is false, than set aside their personal/party political goals. And if they are successful/correct, we must then assume that the state of the war is bad (lack of progress), with the attendant encouragement to our enemies and erosion of our will to fight that accompany that public assessment.

I think I hesitate to voice the inescapable conclusions, because I still find it incomprehensible that we find ourselves with so many politicians who are willing to throw their country and countrymen to the wolves for short-term gain... I really can't bring myself to believe it. I said the other day that Schumer was either too idiotic to understand, ignorant of accurate information regarding the war, or just plain treasonous. I'm desperately trying to hold onto the diagnosis of "ignorant," because it's definitely not "idiotic."

If we have the government we deserve, I'm ashamed.