28 July, 2008

Three Years of Blogging

Like everything else about Fuzzybear that is random and illogical, this blog itself doesn't have a definite birthday. If you want to be technical, it's probably the 25th. Officially, it's the 28th.

And so as has become traditional around here, I'm going to take a look at my year in blogging...

The busy month of August started off what a bang--a trip to San Antonio for the largest single distribution of Valour-IT laptops yet, the highlight of which was meeting Sgt. X. It ended with coverage of a new embed in Iraq, whose blog I kept up for him.

September was spent smacking around journalists. Politicians go whacked, too. Repeatedly. And we remembered.

October arrived with MEGEN (who went to the airshow), and closed with the firestorm of 2007.

November started with the annual Valour-IT fundraiser, of course, and MEGEN visited the Midway Museum and NIMITZ. On the personal front, I encountered some adorable young Marines (is that redundant?), and received a blogging award I didn't even know I was up for.

December? I got to return to the USO, where I brushed up on flirting. And I played Santa to the Marines!

In January we began to hear more and more about the heroes of Iraq, and the media gave us another opportunity to slam them, as did other bottom feeders).

February brought on awareness of how much we Americans tend to put our heads in the sand, unlike a soldier I met.

By March, the 3ID interviews were in full swing. I even interviewed an ambassador(!!). Vets for Freedom kicked off their tour, and I took a trip down memory lane on the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war.

And I wrote this from the heart.

April brought more 3ID interviews.

In May we congratulated a blogging friend on a fine career and a mother on her inspiration, and held a brave military wife in our loving arms. And I finally got to interview MG Lynch.

June can be summed up in two letters: DV. I'm sure I must've blogged on other topics, but after spending the night on an aircraft carrier at sea, who cares?

In July I had the privilege of helping to roll out a beautiful way to thank the troops. And we said a sad and proud goodbye to a number of great American spirits.

Well, that's the year in review. It didn't really seem like much when it was happening, but looking back I guess there was a lot going on after all.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane...